Hidden in the picture below are ten different problems that can be solved using the quadratic formula.

Find the answers, then use the decoder grid below to find the letters which correspond to each answer.

When you have all ten letters in order, you will know the password. Enter it below and get some cool treasure.

test your skills
Password Answer Decoder Grid
V) c
H) 0.7
Y) 24
R) zero
N) 0.16, 3.84
X) 18.3
L) b
T) 9/4, -1
D) 5.5
B) -24
B) 1/3, 5
G) 6.7
U) d
I) 14.8
C) one
A) 0.23, 4.97
E) two
S) 1/3, 6
F) 2.25, 2
D) a


When you KNOW the password



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