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6 11 16 10 3 15 4 9 13 1 12 2 8 14 5 7

When you KNOW the password

1.) loves to wear black. She has more black outfits than any other girl in her school. Now is in love with her, and he has every outfit memorized. In fact he noticed at the end of the 180 day school year, that she wore a different black outfit on 86 2/3% of the days. How many different black outfits does have?

2.) When was 15 years old she weighed 92% of her present weight. Back then she weighed 115 pound. So how much does she weigh now?figure out how much I weigh.

3.) At 6 AM awoke with a little tickle of pain in his throat. Unknown to him, there were 156,780 bacteria living in the back of his throat at that very moment. Two hours later there were 250% of that amount living in his throat. How many were in his throat at 8 AM?

4.) What percent of twenty-five is forty?

5.) works at "Tires R' Us". She sells the best in high performance tractor tires to all the farmers in Amish country. She earns 6% commission on every sale.

needs $350 to cover her rent each month. She needs $175 for food, and $89 to pay her electric and phone bills each month. She also has a car payment of $250 every month. In addition, she always likes to have at least $100 each month for entertainment, new clothes and or emergencies. To the nearest dollar, how many dollars worth of tires must she sell to earn enough commission money to cover her monthly expenses?

6.) is playing "Whack-a-Mole" for charity. He earns a penny for every mole he whacks. In the last 10 minute round of whacking, the mole popped up 758 times and he hit it 592 times. To the nearest tenth of a percent, what percent did he miss?

7.) is getting ready to purchase a hot air balloon. He is so excited about the idea of taking off in his balloon and soaring above his neighborhood. He actually plans to take a healthy supply of water balloons with him to drop on all the houses of people he doesn't like. The regular price of the balloon he wants is $595. Freeda's House of the Heavens Hot Air Balloon Shop is running a Valentine's Day special. All balloons are 20% off for one day only. How much will pay for his dream balloon if he gets this discount and then pays 6% state sales tax?

8.) just held his breath for 54 seconds. He is now eating a plate of spaghetti for dinner. After eating, he can only hold his breath for 36 seconds. What percent of decrease did he experience with a full belly of food?

9) had 342 visitors to her website in December. In January 464 people visited. What was her percent of increase, to the nearest percent?


10.) is rich. She decides to take $900 and invest part of it at 12% and the rest at 9%. If her total return was $96, how much did she invest at each rate?



11.) is 75 years old and just about ready to retire from his job as head bagger at the local Giant Eagle. Over the years he has accumulated a small fortune. He plans to live off his interest for the rest of his life. has $3,000 more invested at 8% than he has invested at 10%. If both investments are earning the same amount of interest, how much money is invested at each rate?


12.) is in training to be a financial wizard.

His first lesson is in diversity. He knows that one must never invest all of one's money in the same place, so here is what he does. He puts one half of his money in a CD at 5%, and he puts one third of it in municipal bonds at 6%, and then he puts the rest in the stock market at 12%. At the end of the year, he earns $57.85. How much money did he invest altogether?

13) earned $58,923.62 working as a violin instructor last year. She teaches little kids the Suzuki method of playing. Her youngest student, is only three years old, and the violin he uses is almost as tall as he is. hopes to increase her business income next year by 15%. If she is able to do this, how much will she earn next year?


14) Fifteen people are sitting in "House of Porkchops" restaurant, and they are smoking. 250 other people are sitting in the same restaurant and they are NOT smoking. What percentage of all the people sitting in the "House of Porkchops" are smoking? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

15) are planning their wedding. They are still in college right now, but they plan on getting married in a year and a half. are figuring out the costs now since they are both orphans, and they have no parents to pay for their wedding. They need to know exactly how much they will need.

Their wedding planner has informed them that the total cost, if they have the wedding right now, would be $15,987. The wedding planner also has informed that if they wait for another year and a half, the costs will probably be 123% of what they are now. How much money will they save if they change their plans and get married now?



16) is a world champion self tickler. You may be asking, "What is a self tickler?" Well a self tickler is a person who, for no apparent reason, will stop doing anything, at any time of the day or night, to simply tickle him or herself into a senseless ball of giggling flesh.

is an expert at this "sport". His fastest, "time-to-giggle" as it is called, is 2.7 seconds. He hopes with intensive training and discipline that he will be able to decrease his time by 15%. If he reaches this goal, he will be unstoppable at the world championship tickle tournament to be held in Camden New Jersey next March. What will his new time be if he succeeds?

33 1/3



When you KNOW the password

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