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For this project, you will be using your graphing skills to design and create an algebraic stained glass window.

A large piece of graph paper will be needed. You can print out several large grids from our tools department and tape them together or make your own on graph paper from the graph tablet download. Smaller paper will work; it just won't be as impressive.

Use colored markers, paint, colored paper, glitter, stickers, holiday designs, etc. to embellish your window.

When you are finished, you will have a nice piece of work that will show off your graphing skills and be a great room decoration as well.


Step 1:

Draw a coordinate plane in the center of your paper. The x and y axes should extend to the edges of the paper. Lightly number your axes to the edges of the paper also.



Step 2:

Create an ornate arrangement of at least six horizontal and vertical lines. These lines should be labeled with their respective equations. Also the "T-Chart paper" for horizontal and vertical lines should be completed.


Step 3:

Next you will need to write equations for six oblique, (diagonal), lines. To do this, just be sure that your equation is in linear form and has both x and y variables.

Experiment with your equations. See if you can figure out how changing the number in front of the "x" and changing the last number will change the line.

Try to write an equation that will put a line where you want it to go.

y = 3x + 7
y = -5x -9
y = 1/2x + 19
y = -2/9x - 25

Fill out a "T-Chart Paper" for these oblique lines equations and then graph the points from your chart.

Be sure to LABEL your lines on the poster with their equations.


Step 4:

Now go in and color the sections of your paper that have been created by the intersecting, oblique lines and diagonal segments.

These posters look great when held up against a window or light.





Get T-Chart Paper for Horizontal and Vertical lines

Get T-Chart Paper for your Oblique lines



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