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1.) has some money hidden in a box underneath her dresser. Her friend Jessica wants to know how much is in the "mystery box", so tells her this riddle:

The sum of two numbers is 172. The first is 8 less than 5 times the second. If you can find the first number you will know the amount of money in the box.

2.) is training to be a producer of artistic films. His latest venture is a documentary on the life of kangaroos. He is thinking of titling it "Life in the Pouch." The first film he did was called "Song in the Slime" and it documented the life of a toad. The first of his two films lasted 3 minutes less than twice as long as the second. Together they lasted 132 minutes. How long was his FIRST film?
3.) met a really good-looking guy at a dance recently. She wanted to know how old he was so she asked him. He was a bit of a trickster at heart so he said, "The larger of two numbers is 1 less than 3 times the smaller. Their sum is 63. If you can find the smaller you will know my age."
4.) is designing a triangular pen for his angora rabbits named Boobop and Flairhair. Now "Boo and Flair" will not settle for just any pen; it has to meet these specifications: The first side of the triangle must be 8 feet shorter than the second side. The third side must be 4 times as long as the first side. He also needs 26 feet of metal gridwork to go the whole way around the pen. Find the length of each side of the triangle.

5.) While on a trip in the jungles of South America, became lost. He wondered through the snake infested terrain almost suffocating as leaves and vines wrapped around his head. Suddenly he came upon a pyramid hidden in this jungle. At the entrance was an isosceles triangular map. It said, "Find the length of the two equal sides and the door will open. The length of the third side is thirty glicks less than the sum of the equal sides. The distance around this magic triangle is 570 glicks."

6.) , the world famous dance instructor for the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleading team has a favorite dance step that he likes to teach. The number of steps follows a three, consecutive, odd, integer pattern as follows: The sum of the smallest and 4 times the largest is 61. What are his consecutive odd integers?

7.) To help him fall asleep at night mother gives him puzzles. This soothes his nerves and serves to focus his brain long enough for slumber to take over. Tonight's problem is: Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of twice the smallest and 3 times the largest is 126.

8.) has a part time job as a "Tae-Bow" kickboxing instructor. She can really belt out the kicks. She says her most powerful kicks are achieved when counting the three, consecutive, integers whose sum is -147. What are her "power" numbers.

9.) The combination to Harley Davidson Low Rider motorcycle is the three, consecutive, even, integers, in order, such that the sum of the smallest and the largest is 36. What is his combination?

10.) has a Chihuahua dog named Spike-Man. Now is 8 years older than Spike-Man. In three years, she will be twice as old as Spike will be then. How old are they both right now?

Here is a photo of Spike-Man.

11.) is a cartoonist with two nationally syndicated cartoon characters. Her cartoon's name is "Fat Pig and Martin". Now in her cartoon, Fat Pig is 24 years younger than Martin. In two years however, Martin will be 3 times as old as Fat Pig. How old are they now?

12.) is America's fastest woman at brushing her teeth. She has been clocked against the best in an attempt to claim the coveted "fastest teeth in the universe" title. Now the woman who is closest to her in this championship event, and who, it appears, may even overtake her, is 23 years older than . In 5 years their ages will total 63. How old are they now?

13.) is a collector of rare and exotic animals. She has an Emu (ostrich-like bird) named Elmo and a Komodo-Dragon lizard that is 5 feet long named Darth Man. Now Darth is 3 times as old as Elmo. If they both live 7 more years, Darth will be twice as old as Elmo will be then. How old are they now?

Darth Elmo

14.) is a dietician who is writing a book about how to transform old fashioned popular recipes into lower calorie versions of themselves. He is going to call the book, "Strip 'Em Thin a Guide to Skinny Food". His most favorite recipe is for double, chocolate chip, butter cookies, which have 30 less than twice as many calories as their "skinny" version. If five original version cookies have the same number of calories as 8 of the "skinny" version, how many calories are in each?

15.) is a killer skateboarder. He is on his way to the national championship held in Camden New Jersey. His board is made of a black, polymer, resin and is known around these parts as "The Black Magic Carpet of ." He wants to purchase a new "truck" for the competition. The truck assembly is on sale for $12 more than half of the regular price. The sale price is $75. What is the regular price?

16.) is on her way to being the women's North American Bowling Queen. She can bowl strikes 98% of the time. Her training is getting a bit expensive though, so she is talking her father into building her a private alley in the basement of her house. The length of the alley is to be 7 feet less than 4 times the width. The distance around the alley will be 136 feet. How long and wide will the alley be when her dad is finished?

17.) is the main librarian for the children's library in Kalamazoo Texas. He groups his books according to size. He has "teeny-tiny" books, "moderately-medium" books, and "humongously-huge" books. There are 3 times as many teeny-tinys as moderately-mediums, and 30 fewer humongously-huges than teeny-tinys. If he has 600 books in his division all together. How many of each kind does he have?

18.) is an architect. He has developed quite a reputation for designing buildings in pairs. The pairs always consist of one square tower connected to one rectangular tower. The two towers are "connected" above ground by numerous glass walkways. The resulting designs look like glass spiderwebs. The cool thing about his towers is that the perimeters of both are always the same.

is now designing a 15 story tower-pair for his hometown of Indiana PA. The length of the rectangle is 4 yards less than twice the side of the square tower, and the width of the rectangle is 6 yards less than the side of the square tower. What is the perimeter of each tower?

19.) has a weekend job as a baby turtle juggler. Yes, we did say TURTLE JUGGLER. has two baby turtles named Fred and Arnie. He picked them up at the discount store in Clymer. We know it sounds a bit crazy, but Fred and Arnie love to be juggled! They say they feel like they are flying. Well since they are still babies they are pretty light. Fred's weight is 5 grams less than twice Arnie's weight. Together they weigh 100 grams. What are their weights?


16, 18,


48, 144




24, 25,


15, 38


120, 75





7, 21



11, 3, 12


-49, -48

5, 13

10, 34

270, 90,


35, 65





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